Cape Range National Park is part of the North West Cape, a remarkable place of rugged limestone ranges, magnificent deep canyons, fringed by beautiful beaches where the clear glittering water of the Indian Ocean is protected and calm and flourishing with tropical marine life. The National Park spans 50,000 odd hectares with its northern border approx. 40km from Exmouth.  

Wildlife is plentiful with a variety of birds, emus, euros and red kangaroos regularly sighted. Cape Range offers a range of attractions including a variety of species of plants and animals that are endemic to the area. There are caves, some unexplored, numerous gorges that provide a haven for wildlife, flora and wildflowers (Sturt Desert Pea, Bird Bush)

What makes this park very different is the rugged limestone range which descends to sea level along the coast with arid coastal plains and sand dunes. It is the remains of an ancient sea floor thrust upwards by movements in the earth's crust. View the kangaroos, echidnas, emus and large lizards.

Recreational opportunities include walking, camping, canoeing, picnicking, photography and simply observing the awesome landscape.

Some of the attractions include Mangrove Bay Sanctuary Zone with its bird life, the Milyering Visitors Centre where you can find all the available information on the National Park, Mandu Mandu Gorge which has a 3km walk thru the dry gorge offering fabulous panoramic views, with the walk finishing back at the car park and Yardie Creek where the sealed road ends, Yardie is the only gorge in the area with permanent water and DEC run a daily gorge tour called Yardie Creek Gorge Tours (Ph 9947 8000.)  there is also camping permitted in some areas, check with DEC for availability (9947 8000).

Please remember when walking in the outback of Western Australia to take suitable quantities of water for each person. Water is unlikely to be available at car parks or within the Cape Range gorges.

On the other side of Cape Range off the Exmouth-Minilya Road at approx. 14km is the Shothole Canyon Road and 21 km the Charles Knife Canyon. These canyons offer extraordinary scenic drives with bush walking opportunities. There are lookout points along the way providing ideal opportunities for those special photos. It is advisable to check with DEC (99478000) for current conditions as both roads can be affected by weather conditions

This National Park, in combination with the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park which borders it out to sea, is one of the most fantastic places you could venture to.













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