Ningaloo Marine Park

The Ningaloo Marine park protects and host some of Australia's most important and spectacular natural coral and marine life, making it a prime destination. The Ningaloo Marine park covers a 260 km area, stretching from Bundegi Beach to Amherst Point which is south of Coral Bay - making it one of the world's largest coral fringing reefs, teaming with marine life for you to discover.What makes it even more special is the reef's close proximity to the coast. In some areas it is only 5 - 10m offshore making it easily accessible with breath-taking reefs just a short swim away.  . The shallow lagoons formed by the reef, and the deep offshore water results in a variety of habitats for the hundreds of multi-coloured coral and fish species, but also providing sheltered areas for exploring. The reef is home to some 250 species of coral and 500 species of fish giving the Ningaloo reef an impressive variety.  The Marine  park offers outstanding opportunities to fish, swim, snorkel, dive and watch the enchanting marine life, or catch a tan on a beach.







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