The area is blessed with fantastic climate and perfect beach weather all year round. Dry and warm there is no wet season. Temperatures are mostly warm. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 37°C with an average minimum temperature of 20°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 24°C with an average minimum temperature of 11°C. Water temperatures vary throughout the year from 18 - 28 degrees.


The first recorded landing in the area was by Dutch Captain Jacobz of the Mauritius in 1618, and in 1818 an Australian Captain King named the area Exmouth after a naval officer. The location was first used as a military base in WW2.  After the retreat from Java in March 1942, Allied naval forces had need of a forward base for replenishing submarines, then the sole form of offensive warfare against the Japanese. Both Darwin and Broome Western Australia, were too exposed to air attack, so a 500-ton unmotorized lighter was placed as a refuelling barge near the mouth of Exmouth Gulf, where the Allies were already maintaining a sea-plane tender. Code-named Potshot, the Spartan base was also developed as an advanced base and rest camp for submariners using the tender USS Pelias. An airfield (now RAAF Learmonth) was constructed to provide fighter defence for the base. Z Force Special Unit used Potshot as a staging base for Operation Jaywick in September 1943.

The town was established in 1967 to support the nearby Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt. It was around that time that Exmouth Caravan Park first started, and it remained a caravan park until 22 March 1999, when Tropical Cyclone Vance reached category 5 status as it made landfall near Exmouth. This resulted in the highest ever wind gust reported on the Australian mainland of 267 km/h at Learmonth, only 35 km to the south. Vance caused significant flooding and property damage but there were no deaths. The Exmouth Caravan Park sustained considerable damage. This is when Muddy Martin and his partner John Mitchel had the vision to change it into the fabulous resort it is today, near one of the world's most fascinating marine and wilderness sanctuary zones.

The park was acquired by Muddy Martin in 1998 shortly before Cyclone Vance struck and caused immense destruction and chaos. Together with then business partner John Mitchell they rebuilt, renovated and have continuously upgraded the facilities. Muddy has sadly passed away but John, who Lives in Perth is now the principal owner and together with his very capable General Manager Mr. Ray Beven, Ray’s lovely wife Shirley and the Resort Team have a passion for high standards, they operate the Resort, with the aim of smoothly operating the park in a family atmosphere and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Today all buildings, annexes and long-stay vans comply with Cyclone Building Standards.


Exmouth is one of the few areas in Australia that can boast the "Range to Reef" experience. The Cape Range National Park which has some spectacular gorges is an area of 506 square kilometres and its main area is focused on the west coast of the Cape which provides a large variety of camp sites on the coastal fringe of the National Park.

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Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort is located on the main road into Exmouth, a small town some 1261 km north of Perth, adjacent the Cape Range National Park and lying just west of the Northwest Coastal Highway. The Resort is Central and conveniently positioned a short distance from the centre of the town across the road from the Exmouth Visitors Centre It is only a short walk to supermarkets, hospital, pharmacy, bank and news agency.

Within the Resort, we have a Restaurant, Massage & Health Clinic and some of the best tour operators to start your Ningaloo Marine Adventure:

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Exmouth Town


King's Whale Shark, Eco Tours, Exmouth, Western Australia. If you are looking to swim with a whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean, then you have come to the right place. Ningaloo Reef Tours boasts a 20-metre vessel, The Magellan. Come aboard and prepare to be mesmerized by these gentle giants as they make their way along the west coast during migration. Snorkel or dive with a whale shark and be amazed by their size and enlightened by their gentle nature. To visit Kings Whale Shark website please select;

Ningaloo Discovery Whale Shark Swim & Eco Tours, Exmouth is the ultimate charter experience. On these whale shark tours, you can snorkel with whale sharks, interact with manta rays, encounter dugongs, turtles, humpback whales, dolphins, amazing colourful tropical fish and coral in the Ningaloo Reef. These tours are all inclusive including a pick up/drop off, use of their SUP's and kayaks, a videographer, gift bags and much more!  To visit Charter 1 website and make a booking please select;

Pinocchio's Italian Restaurant has changed to the BBQ Smoke House Grill , now under new management. The restaurant will still make their wonderful Pizzas and retain some of their delicious homemade pasta dishes. They are still located right next to our beautiful tropical pool, which makes for a very romantic evening. To visit the BBQ Smoke House website and make a booking please select;

With our 33 self-contained air-conditioned 4 star chalets, luxury spa chalets, park homes, camping and caravan sites, backpacker's lodge and spectacular tropical pool we cater for your every need.

The resort has  wireless  Internet hotspots, offering internet service facilities to all guests with wireless technology, making it easy to stay connected on your holiday. We even cater for the dog lovers by allowing your best friend to stay with you in our camping and caravan sites. What more could you want. With a warm, friendly and family atmosphere this is the place to let yourself go. 

Air travel. Nearby is Learmonth Airport with direct flights daily which can be booked online to fly from Perth to Learmonth.  A shuttle bus meets each flight. A shuttle bus can be booked at the airport for convenient transport to and from Exmouth. 

Car Hire. Car Hire companies include Allen's Car Hire, Budget Car Hire, Avis, Euro cars, Marlin Car Hire, Scooter Hire. A wide range of vehicles are available.

Dog Kennels. There is overnight, daily or weekly kennel stay.




This is the outdoors experience at its best. Warm, sunny and relaxed it offers a spread of activities both in and on the crystal-clear ocean and among the stunning gorges. People are friendly and welcoming, and you will feel part of this special small community where everybody knows everybody, and everybody will make you feel welcome.

Exmouth is the northern gateway to Ningaloo and Murion Islands and is a great base for day trips or holidays that last months. It now has a new marina to facilitate boating and offers all amenities. Is populated with around 2500 mainly sea-loving people and boasts of its excellent seafood cuisine at its many dining spots - especially the famous Exmouth prawns.

Ningaloo Reef is one of the longest fringing reefs in the world and only one of two on the western side of a continent. It is closely controlled with many sanctuary zones and stretches over 260 km from Point Murat on the North-West Cape to Amherst Point south of Coral Bay. In parts, it is only 20 metres off shore which makes it the ideal paradise for snorkelling, diving and viewing from a glass bottomed boat or kayak. The reef has over 500 species of fish, 4 species of turtle, 5 species of whale and many rays. The diversity of coral is stunning with over 200 species of hard coral and around 50 species of soft coral.

Coral Bay is on the other side of the peninsular a short drive of about 150 km away, receives over 250 000 tourists per year and is recognized world-wide as having some of the easiest accessibility to breath-taking marine life.

Yardie Creek Gorge is only 89Kms away along a sealed road through Cape Range National Park. At night, you might spot the rare black-footed rock wallabies. It is the only gorge in the area with permanent water as well as mangrove areas, many marine animals such as rays which sometimes are cut off from the ocean by a sandbar, and fascinating bird life. An easy walking trail and boat cruises attract many visitors.




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